Saturday, 18 June 2011

I decided my blog should be dedicated to gigs

just until I can think of something worth writing about.  My blog posts will never be as eloquent as my mothers (N).

Starting from the beginning, we have The Black Eyed Peas - E.N.D Tour. 

I'm not even sure I remember how this came about to be honest, not ever having been one for crowds, I have however loved the Black Eyed Peas since their re-launch with Fergie in 2004.   From album to album I thought they improved until finally The END hit the shelves and I became a fully fledged BEP fangirl. 

Everything about this album just excited me.  The cover, the tracklist, the live performance on the UK X Factor ( which you fine folk can view here ).  Just altogether epic, with very little that could ever top the 66 minutes of pure excellence that the fab four managed to create.   

In fact I'm pretty sure it was the x Factor performance that sparked the desire to see a whole gig.  So I went to my mother with this request, and with her being a MAJOR fan-fogey (an older fan-girl) she was only too willing to oblige and offered to be my gig buddy.  #mumsarethebestfriends

There was the initial worry that she was 'too old' or 'uncool' and so shouldn't go but after much persuading I convinced my mother, who for the record is without a doubt one of the coolest people on the planet, to get us tickets.  

And now onto the gig itself...
The guy who's head is hogging up the pic
sang his heart out the entire gig
The very first act on stage was DJ Poet who the fanfogey instantly recognised (how I will never know).  He really got the crowd going, real party atmosphere going on so at this point we were HYPED.

Then, 'the special guest star' Cheryl Cole came on for her set.  Now I realise that she may appeal to some but for me it was just an EPIC no... I was a little disappointed in the Black Eyed Peas for assosciating with her at all but I guess they know the motives behind it and talent was not one of them! She kinda killed the mood with her tuneless warbling and repeated dance move (she kinda waves her hand around like she's knocking on a door with the side of her hand).  At this point I'm pretty sure my mum had put herself into a coma as a coping mechanism ... UNIMPRESSED

Beam me up Scotty 
But then after a little bit of stage set up.. it was time!  They appeared (quite suddenly, one minute they weren't there the next they were) in green columns of light.  Full blown Star Trek tricks going on.  From then onwards it was a high energy, mind blowing musical extravaganza.  They all sang live and really interacted with the crowd, it felt like a party, they really seemed to be enjoying the gig as much as the audience were.  

Each member did a little solo section, Fergie did some solo stuff.  Apl did his two Filipino songs and Taboo did some of the band stuff on his own on this awesome motorbike thingy, however I didn't manage to get photos of that as I was too busy squealing like a piglet trapped in a barbeque. did some solo stuff to, a DJ set featuring some old classics and some of his collaborations.  It was truly awesome, so awesome infact that it literally blew my mind and I passed out EMBARRASED and DISAPPOINTED.  I don't think I will ever get over the fact that I missed the end, or that my mum had to leave to check I was okay (which I was, just a bit over heated and confused).  However some good came from it as prior to the passing out we got some amazing pictures and we decided that we should have a disaster plan, which is:

  • in the event of separation keep calm and enjoy the rest of the gig if possible
  • if not, seek assistance from venue staff - they're paid to help, make 'em earn it
  • after the gig meet at the prearranged exit/meeting point (usually C, if there is no C we'll make other plans).  #contingencyplansrock

So to finish, the gig was awesome and a great start to my gigging experience, despite my passing out.  One of the best nights of my life so much fun and I cannot think of anyone better to have shared it with.  Roll on the Beginning tour.   #giggingadict

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